As a white lady I have 100% respect for POC that hate me. That see me, know nothing about me personally and still choose to hate me (or, want nothing to do with me). A tiny group of people hating me outright is nothing compared to the white privilege I will have until the day I die. That is my legacy, whether I like it or not.

[Edit: This post was written in response to yet another white person on my dash demanding that the woc she was writing to know that “We’re not all like that!!1!”, asking that she reassure her, because she wasn’t racist like those “other” white people and after all that, asking her if she would be friends with her even though she’s white. The entitlement was egregious. You are not owed anyone’s kindness, it’s not a poc’s job to console you and make you feel that, “of course, everyone loves you! You’re so unique and special!” 

There are many responses to this post, but the one I got the most often was, “grow a spine, omg you must really hate yourself…” What part of examining my own privilege means that I hate myself? Being aware of the history I was born into makes me stronger, not weaker. Not every person is going to automatically love and respect you, especially if you have directly and generationally benefited from their genocide, enslavement and oppression. I don’t hate myself, I’m just aware of my own history and the history of my people. I’m also aware of the fact that racism in this country is alive and well, so like I said, whether I like it or not, my skin is the skin of the oppressor, my ancestor Jan settled here and directly contributed to a genocide. Whether I’m fighting against it or not, that is my history, my legacy.

I try to be a good person and not judge others for doing what they have to do to survive, and that gives me self-pride, not hatred.

(Also, when I say “small group of people” I am referring to the tiny percentage of poc that would hate me outright, not all poc)]

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    Is that what people mean when they say “gets it”? Is that what “it” is? Being a doormat for people lashing out at you?
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    Because we live in a world where people want to continue to care more about skin than character. Who cares if she’s an...
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